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The Maker’s Chest is a dynamic toy chest designed with Lego® storage in mind. This stunning chest is an extremely durable and flexible storage solution for your child’s bricks.

The Maker’s Chest design uses voxel art designed by Larscraft. This art is printed directly to high quality wood. The process allows the natural grain of the wood to show through for an appealing finish. The art also acts as a protective coating on the wood.

The lid of the chest has a latch that magically ‘clicks’ when it is opened and closed. With a gentle touch and twist of the latch, the pistons lift the lid to reveal a smooth play area. This space is great for building, playing, and storing your brick creations.

Give your builder the ability to create with a FUN-ctional play area that reinforces good organizational habits. Using the Maker’s Chest helps children learn that when everything has a place, it takes less time to find that much needed piece!

The Maker’s Chest has six removable trays with protective UV coating. This coating allows parts to slide around easily. Each tray slides out from the chest and has two removable dividers for up to three rows of separation.

Maker’s Chest is for the person who loves building, loves collecting, and loves mini-figures! Add-on the Figure Showcase to your order to display and store your collection of characters.

Eat. Sleep. Build!

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Assembly required.

Add a Figure Showcase:


*Bricks and toys are not included with purchase.

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Heirloom Construction

Legos are passed down from generation to generation, and so too is the Makers Chest. Nothing beats precision tongue and groove construction. Each chest part is machined for a tight friction fit and we use only the best adhesives. Also noteworth is the industrial T-molded edge banding that will not peel or crack over time and is designed to take abuse from any angle. Quality USA construction means the Makers Chest will be a part of your family for decades.

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